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Nice party Saturday. Unfortunately the Westchester contingent feared the snow. Made a lot of latkes. Had a lot of leftovers. The kids and M were trumps as usual.
Last night we went light peeping. We dined at UNO where they had calorie counts on the menu. Wow, some of those dishes had 2 days worth of calories. Dyker heights looked very pretty.
Today, I was supposed to have PT but the garage elevator broke so I couldn't get my car out. M had to drive me home and will have to drive me to pick it up tomorrow, assuming it's fixed by then.
Are there any classic holiday movies or TV shows that you look forward to watching year after year? What are your all-time favorites? Are there any you simply can't stand?
It's A Wonderful Life
Margaret found two more things Joan blew on Wednesday. She's beginning to feel a little persecuted. I told her to copy me with everything. R said she'll be home tonight. After she watches a movie with her friends. I got non nut dreidel candy today. It's mostly sugar and plastic but the chocolate ones aren't much better. I was the first customer for whom the cash register worked. They said I brought them a Chanukah miracle. I wrote 42 stories this week.

Writer's Block: James Cameron’s AVATAR

James Cameron’s AVATAR is in theaters today. What about this movie interests you the most?
The graphics. The storyline looks dumb
my car must have a target on it. It had it's 3rd accident today. As I was turning into the gas station, so was the guy to my right and we locked side view mirrors, his was hinged. Mine is not.I hope I can glue it back on properly tomorrow.
Tonight is Lori's holiday party. Today I wrote about 14 stories and cleaned up the errors everyone made yesterday. M was on the radio this am. He sounded very good.

Writer's Block: Starting from Scratch

What would it take to get you to start a new life on a new world?

Avatar must be the most promoted movie in the history of cinema It's everywhere. Whoever's doing the publicity must be like a machine
wrote 17 stories yesterday and C has had 3 job interviews inside a week maybe the recession will be over soon. Last night we went to the wake for Elsie Smith. It was also the night of the library xmas party so we were the only (ex)library people there. As I remarked to M, we don't know many Protestants. Lots of Jews of course and plenty of Catholics but Protestants, not so much. Today I took C shopping, arranged for the food for Saturday, went to the cleaners and the drug store and made the liver, the kishke, the regular and the diet apple sauce, peeled the potatoes and made the cookie dough I still have to do the sweet potatoes and clean and set up. Right now, though, I'm tired. I was on my foot all day. Maybe Friday. We still don't know when R will be home. The insurance premium has come out of my account. Tomorrow is Lori Knipel's party. Sunday is Jake Gold's.
took the cane to work today. Ankle not too bad but my head's been hurting for 2 days. Sorry to hear Elsie Smith died. She was a nice lady. I got my coat today. First they brought out the wrong one but then they straightened it out. Got Rs insurance squared away. It doesn't seem to have shown up on the bank by internet site yet. I trust I'm not going to be blind sided by it. She's still having trouble with her actors. Movies are a tough business. No word from C. I'll go out on a limb and say I have a good feeling about his last interview.
Nice concert at cms today. Shira's opera arias were amazing. Every one was very kind about my foot. C et al came for dinner last night a nd we had latkes. Caitlyn stayed overnight while charles and gena went to an Irish rock band concert. A singularly unobtrusive house guest. Yesterday I finally took the car back to the dealer to have the secret code read from the door. They should have given it to me in the first place. at the time they said I could get it anywhere but the other dealer wanted $125. Then diblasi kept saying they couldn't do it because the mechanic wasn't there, then because the manager wasn't there. then because it had to be done on week days then on Saturday was ok but only in the morning, then I had to get there by 2 because it takes an hour and they're only open until 4. So we got ther at 2, first they said the mechanic wasn't there then they called him and it took 15 minutes for him to come from around the corner. then it was done in 5 minutes. then he kept hanign around. i trust he was't expecting a tip for doing something that shouldn't have to be done in the first poace. Let him get the tip from Henry Ford. The main reason I wanted it done in the first place, since I don't plan on availing myself of the thing on the door, was so I could chsnge it but when we read the manual we found out even if you change it, the old one still works. sigh
Happy Chanukah
Made latkes tonight. Greasy but good. We got R.s final tuition bill. It brought to the corners of my mind a poem, perhaps by Dickinson, about the melancholy of places where things change.